Friday, 28 January 2022

Cyber crimes


Today in this era we are living in the technology field. Most of us are been in the online mode using the gadgets in the electronic form. There are cyber laws that are being to protect the violence made on women through the net. In this case, also it is considered as the other form of cruelty or the offenses which are been built by the law towards cybercrime. In this, there are other factors which are involved like voyeurism it is considered one of the enhanced fences done to the women this stage, there are other offenses which are been evolved. Now days are more done than in cyber cases. There was a similar incident in the cases where a college girl was been abdicated to drugs which was been taken by making friends online. 

Most of the crimes which were done based on free recent rackets formed based on drugs they sell the goods online by making the circle through chatting. This is nowadays one of the instruments that were been used through the internet. These were the form where mostly the cyber attacks are formed. Based on the attacks they c, rates, or traps the people by connecting in the digital world and they make a group which can lead to then illegal. Illegal means not legal in the sense.

The other crimes are mostly are been located or are been traced in the manner in which 90 percent of the crimes are been done through the digital world. But cybercrimes are been done on the basis in which they pick the player for their bad intention through net or e-resources. The crimes which must ensure protection more is that cybercrimes can attack as a type of contract in which more activities other than it can affect our whole health. There was the game which was been stopped by the shark known as a blue whale in this what happens is that person who was not able to play or he is willing to play the Is forced to do crimes like suicide which makes people attempt to do such acts. This is called a cyber attack or the attack which is been given to humans mentally can go to the dangerous storm.

There are many threats which are been inserted into it. In this case, there should be a law that should ne amend more than rape cases.

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