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Formation of Ipc ( Indian penal code)


IPC is also known as the Indian penal code. It contains 112 chapters with 54 sections. The IPC consists of offenses that are categorized into different sections according to the degree of the offenses which are given as the punishments. This IPC is only applicable to human beings only.  This was the history behind the human law it was made by the British time.  Where the king would punish the people for the act of the crime which he had done. 

This also involved when there is Muhammad hen law. There in that period, the law was being set by different definitions according to the law in their own definition of the law. The Indian penal code is the official penal code of India. The code was drafted on the recommendations of the first law commission report which was been under the chairmanship. The objective of the Indian penal code is that the act will not penal laws which were in the force at the time coming into the force in India. 

Though this code consolidates the whole of the law on the subject matter and is exhaustive on the matters in respect of law. Though this code consolidates the whole of the law subject and is exhaustive on the matters in respect of which it declares the law many more penal statutes governing the various offences have been created in addition to the code. 

The draft of the Indian penal code was drafted by the first law commission report on 1834 and was been submitted to the Governor – general of India council in the 1835. Based on the simplified codification of the law of the England at the time where the elements derived from the Napoleonic Code and from the Edward Livingston Louisiana Civil code of 1825. The drafting was completed in the year in 1850 and  the code was presented before in the year 1837 again the draft was again  revised. This was not as much . There were, many procedures which was been there before framing the concept Ipc. The draft  then  completed in the year 1850 and the code was presented in the year 1856 .

Here we can see that it took some years to come up with the Ipc of the statue or to become the law. The draft then underwent the revision of the hands in a time of period. 

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