Sunday, 23 January 2022

Human rights for disabled person


Human rights are the basic fundamental and inalienable which means non transferable rights for each and every human beings. These are rights enjoyed by every human being irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, job or anything. Such rights are also there for the disabled persons. Disabled persons are the people who are facing some difficulties either physically or mentally. They may be correctly mentioned as the differently abled persons. Disability includes long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments. This may be due to heredity or something, because of this disablement they can suffer a normal , social life and unable to do some works on their own. Some of the causes of disability are hereditary, birth defects, poor health, poor sanitation, hygiene defects, accidents, stress, nervous disorders etc. The following rights are determined to them according to International Human Rights law. They are, Right of equality before law, Right to non discrimination, Right to equal opportunity, Right to independent living, Right to full integration and Right to security. 

Further we are going to see about some of the International conventions and declarations that has been enacted for the benefit of the differently abled persons. Besides these our government also provides various schemes in the education and job opportunity for the welfare of the disabled persons. Article 25(1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948  mentions the socio economic rights of people with the disabilities such as food, clothing and living which includes medical and social services. Article 26 of the International covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966 says that all the people including the people with disability are equal before the law. Article 2(2) of the International covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Right, 1966 state that we should not discriminate people on race , colour and other status. Here other status refers to the disabled persons. Like this there are so many conventions in the international level to protect and safeguard the disabled persons. 

We can now see about some of their rights. First one is Right to education. They are no way different from others in pursuing the free and compulsory education like others. Adults with disabilities have access to general education, vocational training, adult education and lifelong learning. They can pursue and write the exams by employing teachers, including teachers with disabilities, who  are qualified in sign language or Braille. The government itself involve in the process of appointing them. The member state of these Convention should ensure the right of disabled to participate fully and equally in the education, politics, arts, cultural life and social life and also sports. This persons also can vote and have all the rights for choosing their candidates. The member states of the convention should provide voting equipment which would enable disabled voters to vote independently and secretly. 

There is a committee for the persons with disabilities , the Committee is known as Committee on the Rights of Persons with disabilities. This is a ‘body of Human Rights Experts’. They will monitor and implement the laws that is helpful to improve the lives of the disabled persons. 

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