Wednesday, 26 January 2022



The MSP (Minimum Support Price) and its market or mandy system have completely disappeared, few farmers have access to the private market, but many are underdeveloped and small farmers already in the sector suffer more. Farmers can suffer great damage because they can be severely damaged It is difficult to sell their products by taking them far away and then selling them. Many farmers will die just because they are worried about selling their produce at a reasonable price. If the system works this way, it has many drawbacks and no advantages, so it is possible to stop farming. It was once again a peasant, and now the government is forcing people on these bills without their consent. This will only be maintained with the help of agriculture and will cause great damage to the Indian economy as agriculture is about to end in the near future.

Therefore, it can harm both the Indian economy and the lives of Indian farmers. The most affected farmers are those in Punjab and Haryana. Others are also affected, but as we know, Punjab is a major state that produces more agriculture, so there is more ham. As a last resort, I would like to say that the government needs to roll back these bills and help Indian farmers by saving on the Mandy system and MSP. According to farmers, private companies offer valid prices for a limited period of time, but once they take control of the farmers, they buy the goods at their favorite prices, which is very difficult for them. Dangerous because the peasant has his produce in the only way of his income.

Therefore, when this is over, Indian farmers and agriculture will be over. It is hard to imagine that India's economy will be a good place when agriculture is over. India is already a developing country. So if we stop farming, nothing will remain in India. The point is that in countries where 86% of farmers have only one or two acres of land, they can deliver their produce to remote locations. They clearly put farmers in the hands of private stakeholders, without any security measures or disciplinary rules regarding pricing. Also, it's not clear how this private marketing system actually works.

Cases have already been attempted in Bihar, and attempts to open up markets through agriculture have failed to attract private investment and offer farmers high prices. Also, because the bill is not in the farmers' favor, many farmers are protesting in these high winter and Covid 19 situations, so there is something unclear in the bill and people are protesting the bill. It's clear. These bills are becoming a source of concern as they are actually a source of concern for farmers, especially

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