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Four stages in the commission of crime

 Four stages in the commission of crime by Kalyani

Every commission of crime consists of four stages as given below:

  1. Intention to commit a crime

  2. Preparation for its commission 

  3. Attempts to commit it

  4. Commission of the crime

1.Intention: intention is a state of mind that must accompany the acts of certain crimes to constitute a violation or law.

When any person have intent to hurt someone or for doing any crime it means that that person has intention of doing such unlawful crime.

Intention is the first stage of crime. Intention is followed by certain acts which leads to a crime.

Illustration: If A gets frustrated by B and feels to kills B it means A has an intention to kill B.

2.Preparation for its commission: preparation is the stage in which the preparation of crime takes place. It is the stage which is prior of commission to crime. 

All the things which are required for commission of crime is done at this stage.

Illustration: If A purchase poison to kill B it means A has done preparation of commission.

3.Attempts to commit it: when the preparations are complete the culprit commences to do something with the intention of commiting the crime is Attempt to commit the crime.

This is the step towards the commission of crime.

Illustration: If A puts poison in B’s food and B is about to eat that food then A has done Attempt to commit offence.

4.Commission of the crime: this is the last and actual stage in which the crime has been executed. 

Illustration: If B eats the poisoned food given by A and gets poisoned then A has reached the actual stage of commission of crime.

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