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anton chekov's in the court summary

 Summary of anton chekov’s in the court

The story "In Court" published in 1886 is related to Chekhov's experience

1884-86, where he worked as a state physician acting in Zvevenigorod. Chekhov saw

patients, autopsies, and testified in court as expert witnesses. The attorney is

The name Serpovsky wrote that Chekhov was very interested in the trial and he was

who are well versed in the judicial processes. Leo Tolstoy considered the story to be one of them

the best Chekhov wrote and called the 'truth pearl.'

Their story is ridiculous to Russian judges. Chekhov, true to his style, does not

provide a realistic picture of the trial. His intention in this regard is to criticize

incompetence of a Russian judge. A system that fails in all aspects of working for justice.

His biggest tool in doing that is sarcasm. "In court" is a clear description of the case of a

A farmer named Nikolay Harlamov, who faces a charge of murdering his wife. Author Anton

Chekhov, initially, gives a picture of the district court in the county town where

Peace Judges, Rural Board, Liquor Board, Military Board and many more

stay in exchange. The building is very old and looks bad without any style


At exactly two o'clock, the presiding officer announced that Nikolay had been charged

Harlamov may be heard next. Harlamov, prisoner, tall, sturdy farmer, about fifty-

five years is delivered. The presiding officer, the assistant prosecutor, the court attorney

the defense and all the court officials looked unattractive in their normal work. No.

the man seemed to have a special interest in his particular story.

At this point the author reveals the mental structure of the first prisoner

time has come to the fore. He looked at the judges with dreamy respect.

the uniform flashed softly. A murder case is pending against him but here he is

or a threatening face or an angry look. He did not understand the men in court

they were accustomed to dramas and tragedies of life.

Meanwhile, after cultural inquiries into the prison, the case against

read the prisoner. He allegedly killed his wife on the night of June 9.

The chief officer asked him if he pleaded guilty. When a prisoner denies i

trial, began trial. The court proceeded with the examination of the witnesses. Two farmers

The women, five men and a city police officer were investigated. Everything

of them testified that Harlamov was living well with his wife. One day the body of the woman

was found on the balcony with her skull broken. And the ax was lying beside him at the pool

blood. Harlamov had disappeared and arrived at the police station two days later.

When questioned, President Harlamov said he was roaming the fields

those two days as he feared that he might be judged. The district physician was also present

checked. While the defendant's attorney was trying to get an answer to his doctor's question,

as for the criminal's attitude, he could not find it. Then there is the story

Evidence such as cloth, ax, etc. were examined. Harlamov has denied having an ax again

and gave various reasons for the blood color in his jacket. Harlamov was upset that

did not sound right. The trail has come to an end and the prisoner is escorted back

it was a painful moment. The author concludes the description without giving a judgment


This writing is an attempt to express extraordinary boredom and indifference

criminal cases. The attitude of a poor citizen who is accused of a serious crime is well explained.

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