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Factories Act 1948

 Factories Act 1948

Previously , labours working in the factories were highly exploited . They were made to work extra time and even the salary they received was not sufficient to make their both the ends meet .
So, the whole family , even the kids and woman of the family were involved in the factory work .
The condition of the factory was really poor , as it had really bad sewage system and poor drainage facilities . The temperature inside the factories were really high which effect the health of the workers severely and also woman started to give birth to deformed babies . They were not provided any protection or cover during work and thus many labours lost their hand or leg while working in the factories . The factories didn’t had any sufficient light or washroom for woman which led to many accidents inside the factories .  Young children , below the age of 10 were asked to lift heavy weight and work in the high temperature . The owner of the factory use to fix the salary or wages according to their convenience and thus exploited labourers .

In India ,first factories act was passed in 1881. This act provides health and safety measures and primarily protected child labour in factories. This act helps in telling what should be the rules and regulation of it. There was many weaknesses in this act so to keep it running there were many changes made in this act. Then after few years entirely new act was passed by the constituent assembly on 28th August 1948 which further came in force on 1st April 1949.

This act is applicable in whole of India, in all factories whether it is under central govt or state govt. it is only not applicable in the factories which is excluded by central or state govt.

This act mainly tells about the approval of the factories, licensing and registration of the factories, the inspecting authorities, health measures in the factory, safety measures in the factory, welfare of the factory, what should be the working hours of the factory, tells about employment of young and adult children and what should be the annual leave and penalties in the factories.

Objective : this act helps in regulating working conditions, how thing should work in the factories.

It helps in ensuring that what should be the minimum requirement for health, safety, and welfare of the factory workers in the factories.

By this act only workers( as per SEC 2(I) worker is a person who is directly employed or by through any agency, with or without the knowledge of employer, any person working with or without renumeration, any person working in manufacturing process or cleaning any part of machinery used in factory, or in any work which is connected with manufacturing process or being dependent of manufacturing process) can be benefited. Workers does not include if he/she is any member of armed forces of the union like in army or in navy or in air force of the Indian union.

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