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Origin Of The Israel Palestine Conflict

 Origin Of The Israel Palestine Conflict

The Ottoman Empire is the starting point for the fight. The Ottoman Empire was established in the 14th century and eventually dominated the whole Middle East. On its way towards the end of the nineteenth century, the empire began to gradually crumble or decline. Throughout Europe, a wave of nationalism swept throughout the continent during the nineteenth century. Jews were no exception to this rule. The same type of nationalism may be observed spreading among Jews. In Israel, a movement known as the Zionist movement gained momentum. The Zionist movement refers to the movement in which Jewish residents proclaimed their desire to return to Israel, which they thought to be their holy land and the place where the Jewish faith had its roots.

The Zionist movement advocated for the construction of a Jewish nation state in Palestine, which would serve as a safe haven for Jews from all over the world and in which they would have the right to self-determination. It was founded in the early nineteenth century. Zionists began to believe that this state should be established in their historic homeland, which they referred to as the Land of Israel. Another motivation for the Jews' desire to return to Israel was the persecution of Jews that was taking place throughout Europe at the time of their expulsion from the country. This occurred in the late 1890s.

Despite the fact that this aspiration of Jews was not widely supported or gained much momentum prior to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, this altered as a result of the declaration. This is where the United Kingdom comes into play. Britain was the world's most powerful colonial power at the time. The Balfour Declaration is widely regarded as the starting point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today. However, while the Balfour Declaration was hailed by Jewish nationalists as the foundation of a future Jewish homeland on both banks of the Jordan River, the Arab population of Palestine grew increasingly concerned.


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