Friday, 1 July 2022

Right To information Act

 Right To Information Act

In 2005 this act was on first enforced .

Right to information here means any public has the right of getting informed about the actions of the public Authority. It is very obvious that public officer or public offices are made for public and if it is made for public it is the duty of the public officer to function for the good or interest of public.

But at some instances it has been noticed that public officers tend to function not for the benefit of public but for their own interest and fulfil their on benefit. So, before this Act the decision or work of the public authority was not questionable or interpreted as normal public didn’t had the right to do so.

After the enactment of this act the public got full authority of getting knowledge and information regarding the public authority any decision or information or act. A public in order to seek information from one public authority can go to the public authority and write an application mentioning the topics and the subject It wants the information on .

A fees of Rs.10 is paid to Submit such application.The same can be mailed on the email address of the public authority. The public or individual need not disclose even their name or any information related to them if they don’t want to disclose but the address needs to be mentioned as the information is sent to their address in the form of a document.

The reason behind seeking information is not required to be mentioned or is not even questionable. The public authority officer cannot ask the reason behind seeking information from the public or individual and it is the obligation of the authority to provide the information within 30 days of filing the application

If any information is required by the public related to right to life and liberty ,in this case the information should be delivered within 48 hours 

This act has been a huge success

For example in case of a university the students have the right to get their papers and information of them marks when the file an application for right to information

Now The public officers thing twice while misusing the powers (in their interest)conferred to them as now their decisions can be questioned and screened by the public.
Rights that are available under Right to Information Act

-Get knowledge about the information held by any public authority

-Copies of the Government documents

-The public can screen, read works or documents of the government and also keep copies of the same

The information can be in the form of data, memo, notice, circular,paper, on a floppy, written, Hardisk ,sample ,email , record etc.

Private bodies are not covered under the Right to information act directly but indirectly. 

-Any private body which are owned ,control,financially supported by the government .

-If the government body has the right to access the information of the private bodies the same can be accessed by the public through the aid of the government.

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