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History and Growth of Consumer Protection Laws

  History and Growth of Consumer Protection Law By: Robin Pandey                                                                                              Date: 26/February/2022  The moment a person comes into this world, he starts consuming, He needs clothes, milk, oil, soap, water, and many more things and these needs keep taking one form or the other all along his life. Thus we all are consumer in the literal sense of the term. When we approach the market as a consume we expect value for money, i.e., right quality, right quantity, right price information about the mode of use, etc. But there may be instances where a consumer is harassed or cheated.  The Government understood the need to protect consumers from unscrupulous suppliers, and several laws have been made for this purpose. We have the Indian Contract Act, the Sale of Goods Act, the Dangerous Drugs Act, the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marketing) Act, the Indian Standards Institution (Certification Marks) Act, the P