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How to Fight against a False Rape Accusation

 Dealing with a False Rape Accusation

Rape accusation can lead to serious consequences legally and, combined with the public humiliation that comes with it, such an accusation can alter the course of a person’s life. On being charged with rape, one needs to preserve their rights. Getting the right criminal lawyer at the beginning can help gather evidence and fight the case.

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The following are some actions that one should take if they have been charged with a false rape case:

MOTIVE: It is important to assess any motive that the alleged victim may have for making a false accusation. Usually, an ex-partner or a confused girl may consent to having sex and then accuse the person of rape in order to cover up her shame/embarrassment about the incident and/or to publicly humiliate the accused. Discovering the motive initially only will assist the accused in presentation of a defense and negotiation prior to the trial.

IMPORTANCE OF GETTING A LAWYER: An accusation of rape can gravely damage someone emotionally. In this state of emotional stress, discussing the case with a criminal lawyer will help analyse the situation and coming up with the best strategy to deal with the situation and fight the charges. Further, it is advisable to hire a lawyer experiences defence lawyer who has dealt with rape cases in the past.

DETAILED ACCOUNT OF EVENTS: The lawyer should be provided with a detailed account of the events which led to the filing of the present charges. While disclosing such details, all information should be told, irrespective of whether the person finds such information relevant or not.

LIST OF WITNESSES: The accused should provide the layer with a list of witnesses along with their names and addresses. This should include people who would attest for the character of the accused and, in case the charges have been filed by an ex-partner, mutual friends who would have had an insight on the relationship.

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The accused will be guided through the rest of the procedure and be advised to help fighting the charges being faced by the accused. Even though the emotional turmoil of getting implicated in a rape case are immense, the need of the hour would be to take action to fight the charges.

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