Sunday, 14 March 2021

Section 56 of The Advocates Act - Dissolution of existing Bar Councils

 Section 56 The Advocates Act Description

(1) On the constitution under this Act of a State Bar Council, other than the Bar Council of Delhi (hereinafter referred to as the new Bar Council)

(a) all properties and assets vesting in the corresponding Bar Council shall vest in the new Bar Council;

(b) all rights, liabilities and obligations of the corresponding Bar Council, whether arising out of any contract or otherwise, shall be the rights, liabilities and obligations respectively of the new Bar Council;

(c) all proceedings pending before the corresponding Bar Council in respect of any disciplinary matter or otherwise shall stand transferred to the new Bar Council.

(2) In this section, corresponding Bar Council in relation to a State Bar Council, other than the Bar Council of Delhi, means the Bar Council for the High Court in territory for which the State Bar Council is constituted under this Act.

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