Section 58AB of The Advocates Act - Special provisions with respect to certain persons enrolled by Mysore State Bar Council

 Section 58AB The Advocates Act Description

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act or any judgment, decree or order of any Court or any resolution passed or direction given by the Bar Council of India, every person who was admitted as an advocate on the State roll by the State Bar Council of [Karnataka] during the period beginning with the 28th day of February, 1963, and ending on the 31st day of March, 1964, on the basis of his having obtained a certificate of pleadership from the High Court of [Karnataka], shall, save as otherwise provided, be deemed to have been validly admitted as an advocate on that State roll and accordingly entitled to practise the profession of law (whether by way of pleading or acting or both):

Provided that where any such person has elected to be enrolled as an advocate on the roll of any other State Bar Council, his name shall be deemed to have been struck off the roll of the State Bar Council of Mysore from the date he was enrolled by the other State Bar Council:

Provided further that the seniority of such person, whether his name is borne on the State roll of the State Bar Council of [Karnataka], or on the State roll of any other Bar Council, shall, for the purposes of clause (d) of sub-section (3) of section 17, be determined by reckoning the 16th day of May, 1964, as the date of admission.]


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