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Suicide assistance is the act of inciting, inciting, encouraging, or supporting oneself or others, and means committing the crime of ending or committing suicide. A well-planned crime that requires no weapons or brain, makes a person sick, and loses the moral standards of life and the ability to distinguish between depression, despair, fear, and ending an experience. .. Feeling innocent and guilty of endless situations and events, the only way to end this immense pain is to end their lives. Due to the high level of psychological harassment, the victim is the most tortured crime in society because he has lost all senses to communicate, show pain and find a solution to get out of it. However, the mere words that were unintentionally angry and uttered never encouraged or instigated suicide. 

As Judge Rishikeshroy said, the intent to encourage suicide cannot be presumed. It must be obvious. Conversely, anyone who is continuously engaged in physical violence and urges someone to commit suicide may be held liable for the crime. Incitement requires some degree of continuity and should be continuous for a reasonable period of time. Suicide must also be a direct result of incitement and should not be far from mere coincidence or suicide. According to the court, if the deceased is found to be very sensitive compared to a reasonable person, the alleged suicide aid will be void. About Rhea Chakraborti vs. Bihar on August 19, 2020 The August 9, 2017 Shankar Lal vs State & Anr .

In India it is evident that most of the time in cases of crimes against women, men regard women as an object, thing or kind of non-living or inferior material to them in the framework or type of crade in society.

Conversely, when women commit this type of crime, they want to prove their dominance and show how powerful they are or can be, just like having enemies over friends because enemies are much better than friends if they met later as friends because they want to prove themselves that they will be better this time - according to studies.

Rejection, love-failure, retribution, revenge or blind-faith, refusal, cheating, anger, eve teasing, cases that boil blood and make one seethe with vengeful rage are also some major factors behind such acts.

discipline is not only a strict or strong military system, but also a social discipline that everyone should follow. 

Otherwise, they will not be able to fill the void of discrimination and cause enormous pain and distress (for the crime-related army, they are also vicious terrorist crimes). Both good and evil exist, and behind good, evil is also a part of society. Therefore, both are visibly acceptable, but beyond evil, such acts are vicious crimes that are demonic in nature and sometimes even unforgivable by those who commit them. 

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