Saturday, 29 January 2022

advice for lawyers in why i teach: Micheal M Cassidy.

 . The experiences of R.Micheal Cassidy can be useful for students of law, he himself was a student of law, a lawyer and a professor of law. “Why I teach” play a role of a very comprehensive guide to us law students who are looking forward in making careers out of law. He  advises us to chose a profession wisely without looking at monetary aspects and make sure that you love what  we are doing what ever it may be. He gives an example of himself how teaching law has allowed him to make highest use of his skills and talents of imparting legal knowledge, alongside with allowing him to live a life that is suitable for himself.  He tells us to be innovative and hardworking, upholding that as future lawyers we have a sense of responsibility and moral obligation towards society, however while doing so we must enjoy our circumstances  and refrain from burning oneself. He tells us that a lawyers work is  much more than enriching ourselves, it also means enriching the entire the community and this will give us puree satisfaction. He tells us that the legal profession shouldn’t be aspired for only to make money, rather it gives us satisfaction on a higher level than cannot be compared to material aspects, upholding truth, ensuring  proper access to justice for the people suffering injustice, contributions to make the place a safer and more liveable place for us and our future generations give us worth while sense of achievement. He tells us about how teaching law has helped him make a huge difference in a law student’s life as her gets his students  to “appreciate moral obligations as lawyers and teach them hoot use this power of law to make the world a fairer place.”  When he explains about his relationship with his students and how he feels when they leave, help us appreciate our own  professors on a higher level, this also gives us a sense of comfort and belonging as we leave our homes far away and devote ourselves to the legal world.  We are convinced that both as law students or young lawyers out in the world can alway rely on our professors for the right career guidance and advise. He also talks about how professors play the most important role in shaping our legal career and that even if they cold to us is because they hold our best interests.  He gives us insights as to what are expected of as future lawyers and how we can flourish as successful lawyers (not in financial terms) and efficiently contribute to the development of the legal system. He also gives us a very tempting insight about how satisfactory the career of a law professor is and gives us an invitation to consider it as a potential career because of the happiness he derives from it. 

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