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cyber crime

 Cyber crime

This crime can also be known as computer crime, in this type of crime people cheats numerous numbers of people like Falls Bank call, false loan offer, giving a death threat, writing abusive word for a person, and many more. In 1820 the first record of Cybercrime had taken place major cybercrime in recent past are colonial pipeline ransomware attack has a Grave consequence, black matter gang ramps up attacks on multiple victims, police dates raids world after investigator cracks, scammers accidentally reveal fake Amazon review data and many more. 

This type of criminal activity involves unlawful access to computer system. And this can happen like when a person is working on a computer and other person have to your ID, or somebody access your computer illegally over the internet or when you are not present with the help of certain unlawful methods. It is an illegal activity that is committed by a person over the internet.

 "Cybercrime" it is the term which is not clearly defined in any statute or rule book but cyber which means things which are related to computers like information technology, internet and virtual reality. The person who does malicious activity using the internet to steal data or information of other person Like sneaking or stealing someone credit card information 

Breaking into government websites. And this type of crime can cause the huge trouble to a person's life even cause a death and depression. It can also become serious issues for country in the case of security information, national and international issues also which can cause terrorism.

The time period when the cybercrime had taken place or had started, when the first case was of in 1973 where a gambler using the computer embezzle over $2 million dollars, and another is the spam mail which took place in the year 1978, 1982 where virus was installed on Apple computer which disrupting the systems are making sure that the system can perform up to the mark is also form of cybercrime.

here are many forms of cybercrime 

  1. hacking- it is that, when you get into somebody system and then try to steal the information disrupt the working of the network anything.

  1. then credit card fraud- it is the most common fraud performing the cybercrime is credit card fraud it happens over the internet, through the call centres, and many other ways. 

  1. Virus Dissemination- it is the type of standing or installing viruses like malware, pornographic content, illegal information, etc to once computer and then sending to other person through email message or by transferring files, by any other network, SMS, spam links, etc. 

  1. Cyber terrorism- which is happening a lot in today's time, by uploading videos. It can also become serious issues for country in the case of security information, national and international issues also which can cause terrorism.


Most of the cyber criminals commit cybercrime to make money by targeting individuals, the impact of this type of Cybercrime is that it is very difficult to pick out the person who did the illegal impact. The impact of Cybercrime can be devastating due to the high risk of data loss and financial impact. 

The impact of cybercrime mostly could be seen on individuals like giving a harassment call, data breaches, identity theft, malicious sites trafficking, etc. By using this all information, they start using the person's account for illegal activities and blackmailing them.

Cybercrime in IPC for sections are:

Section 425 mischief cause in which a person intentionally cause harm to another person

Section 379 theft a person who's intentionally stealing the other persons property, data or a thing true criminal act in an illegal way.

Section 319 and 320 cheating in which a person stole once password and used for a fraudulent purpose.

Section 292 sales obscene book 

Section 465 punishment for forgery if a person creates a false document.


And to overcome from these criminal activities:

  1. we should always keep up to date to account like having a regular check of account, also update the system regularly.

  2. user kind of password which is unique and strong like including numbers, characters, symbols, ration for complexity.

  3. enable multifactor authentication means to keep a separate code while logging in an app, giving a text message aur getting a physical digital key that can connect to your device.

  4. Using a public Wi-Fi in public area, if you get connected to a Wi-Fi like in public area like restaurants, office. Over that you can use the free browser like tor which can secure communication from a network, to encrypt traffic and camouflage of what are you doing online. Using of virtual private network to encrypt all your internet traffic it will make the hacker difficult to spy on you aur l of wide range free and paid VPN options.

In short, we conclude that we should always be caution, towards a social networking site, and whenever any these types of Cybercrime take place an individual or in a group it needed to be reported as soon as possible, so that the cybercriminal could not perform the further crime with other individual persons. It is true that no person or an organisation or a computer get fully 100% percent secured but in today's time there are lot many technologies are there which can secure a person's identity without any fail, and the last thing is that a person should always be caution towards their online networking sites, their surroundings, always check to their accounts of bank, as well as their social networking accounts.

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