Sunday, 23 January 2022

Evils of Corruption


Corruption is a very harmful social evil that’s present in each and every corner of our society in today’s world. It has roots it’s all around and has spread like a contagious disease.

This unethical way of earning money by making wring use of your power to satisfy the individual’s wants and needs is called as corruption. People in different sectors like government and private make wrong use of their power just to make money. We can see very often that corruption is having his hand in different sectors like education, sports and games, hospitals, etc.

Corruption took birth because of people’s greediness. This can be said as the easy way of making money without working hard. This has become the mindset of people. That’s main reason why people find out ways to earn money by misusing their power and position of responsibility. 

Corruption is not just a word. It is a wrongful act that is present in the world from ancient times. It was running during the periods of Sultan and Mughals. From them till date, corruption kept on increasing day by day instead of getting vanished.

People holding power make common and innocent people suffer by demanding them to pay huge amount of money in form of bribes to get their work done. It not only affects the common people but also affects the growth of the country and its income. Developing and developed countries face this evil all because of corrupt employees. North Korea and Somalia are competing with each other to be on the first position in corruption. India is on the 81 position in the list of 175 countries in corruption.

There are different types of corruption:

  • Extortion

  • Blackmail

  • Graft

  • Embezzlement

  • Theft and fraud

  • Networking

  • Abuse of Discretion

  • Influence Peddling

  • Nepotism

  • Favoritism

  • Clientelism

The way of getting money by forcing or threatening is called as extortion. It is illegal and can be subjected to the law. Threatening people by having their personal or private information about them and make money by not to revealing that information is known as “blackmailing.”

The misuse of political power to meet personal advantages is known as a graft. It is an American term and has a medical origin. Abuse of position comes under graft. Stealing of one’s savings or funds for their personal needs is called as embezzlement. Politicians use people’s funds for their personal advantage. Theft and fraud are the other kinds of corruption which mean stealing the money of the public in a wrong way or criminal manner for their personal benefit or financial gain of other people.

Speaking about Nepotism, it is an act of favouring their own family and friends by giving them jobs without letting others come into light. This can also be counted as a type of corruption that involves only the benefit of the family. Using someone’s  power on someone’s behalf and making money for personal benefit is called as influence peddling. Using the influence of other people to make money in other meaning of influence peddling.

The abuse of decision making facilities and power of a individual for gaining money comes under an abuse of discretion. Giving the power to the person out of favour for that person is called favouritism. This is also termed as corruption as it results in misuse of power for personal benefit. Clientelism is also a kind of corruption which involves the exchange of goods and services to get power and money. 

Corruption that has emerged from the wrong mindset of people is a poison and has a bad effect on individual and the country. It hinders social, political, and economic activities of the country. People in power with the help of politicians make a huge amount of illegal money or black money in the form of bribe or pricey gifts. Offering of gifts is a new way of corruption.

Systematic corruption and Grand Corruption are the two different forms of corruption, The abuse of higher level of power which results in huge loss to the common live is termed as Grand corruption. Politicians using their power to earn money and keep their power secured is called as systematic corruption. Petty corruption is middle and lower level officials using their power to make money illegally.

Corruption has to be completely removed from the society for the better living conditions of the people and for the development of the nation socially as well as economically. Or else it will still lower the standards of the country. To lead a happy country without any loopholes, corruption should be eradicated right from its roots. So every nation should follow some precautionary measures to completely vanish this evil from its root level.

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