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Execution of Order and Death warrant

 Execution of order and Death warrant

Execution of order- 

Under section 413 of the criminal procedure code when there is a capital sentence under section 302 of the Indian panel code and it is already confirmed by the learned High Court then the concerned station code which awarded the capital sentence is like 2 issue that warrant for the purpose of the execution of the capital punishment.

 Similarly under section 414 off the criminal procedure code if capital sentence is awarded by the learned High Court after appeal or division then after the revision the death warrant should be executed.

Death warrant:

 Under section 302 of Indian panel code in the matter of rarest of rarest category capital punishment is awarded if the murder is barbaric gruesome or much heinous then this kind of punishment should be awarded.  Like,  Mithari Killing ( Uttar Pradesh), Rajiv Gandhi murder case, Indira Gandhi murder case etc.

When all process of appeals and petitions are over before Indian president, Supreme Court, High Court. All the legal procedures are stopped by the convicted person then a date is finalized for the hanging and on that day special order is issued from that quote which passed that sentence.  The accused or convicted person is informed about the date and time of hanging.  His all last wish is an any other desire are normally fulfilled by the jail authorities. It is a formal process and the convicted person is hanged until death. the concerned medical officer after examining the body thoroughly will declare his death and after that execution the concern quote will be reported that their order is duly served.

 there is a long time tradition that by which pen The order is passed that pen should be broken. That means further any other order should not be written by that pen.

Under section 416 of criminal procedure code if any pregnant lady is awarded with capital punishment the London High Court me post 1/8 and make a mute and convert it into life imprisonment.  under section 425 every warrant for the execution of a sentence may be issued by judge or magistrate who passed the sentence or by his successor in office.

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