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Is human right similar to fundamental right assignment 5

 Is human right similar to fundamental right  ?

This is one of the most confusing topic that we study under the constitution. Sometimes the people confuse with each other that Wether the both of same . Fundamental right are the rights that are guaranteed by each citizen . The right ensured by our constitution . Talking about the human rights they have been classified into like for example duty to be act in good faith , Right to equality , providing the shelter for adequate .   

Talking on fundamental rights it is been interconnected to each other on the constitution terms. In the human rights it is the most basic rights that we protect our rights or we can say it is basic human right. It is equally available  to all the citizen of India. In the fundamental right it is not available for the weaker section of the society  SC ST OBC . Because each has its own jurisdiction . It is separate independent from  country to country . Because they have their own jurisdiction .  The preamble is not different form each other . One of the example can UDHR that is Universal deceleration of the Human rights . In fundamental we can take preamble constitution . 

There are seven fundamental rights in our constitution . However right to property was removed by the 44 amendment of the act. Here the human rights ae been differentiated into two aspects in the constitution of India . That are which are inherited means which is already evolved . Secondly means duties deriving from all states . Human rights comes under the constitution into several category social or civil human rights and Political human right , Economic , Cultural human right .  Because each has its own exception set by the principle. Talking about the social and Human right. Right to life and Right to liberty . 

Fundamental right 

Fundamental right which are ensured by our constitution . There are specific right are fully physical mental development .  . These include basic fundamental right which are included by our constitution like right to freedom and religion . Human rights is been drafted independently. United nations Is one such example independently. World organization are right by direction in the year as UN International committee. 

But the rights some sought are familiar  looking in both  aspects . The rights can be explained in the rights that fundamental right and human right but both constitute the different topic . In the history of evolution of Human history  and fundamental right are similar from each other .

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