Friday, 28 January 2022

Justices delayed got justices buried Nirbhaya case

 Justices delayed is the justices buried in the case of Nirbhaya 

In one of the famous cases that are Nirbhaya, this will be a suitable title or line. This incident came in the year 2012.  Where the judgment of the case was to be pronounced on the day or three days it took past months to pronounce for the judgment. In this case, the evidence was so absolute that it is considered brutal rape. There was another reason where the reason was delayed due to the decision of the judge. This was another major factor that leads to the criminal law amendment act in the year 2013.  Many articles wrote against the delaying of the judgment. Because it was clear act evidence it was showing the brutal rape was being done on the circumstances. 

The four offenders were using the advantage of the legal system of their crime which should not be acceptable. But here all are being equal in the law. Anybody can approach the court for proving the justices. Out of the four review pleas against the death was rejected by the supreme court one is not yet filed the curative petition even though other curative petitions were rejected by the supreme court. This was the thing that was delayed in the courts of the law but here presenting all the facts before the court the death penalty should be passed.

The offender was trying to get the loopholes of the law for escaping from the heinous act like one of the accused taking advantage of the unavailable home.  In the case of the age factor, he was proving that he should not be liable due to the section under the act where he will not be liable for taking the maximum known as dole incapacity. Where he was incapacity not understanding the incident which he did. But the courted rejected the plea of the offender. 

This case is an example of delayed justice for the victim. In a similar case where there was old age, women was been raped and judgment got delayed in case even though the case had the strong evidence has the impact. But the judgment got delayed. This one case should be fastened in the courts of law in this also it was the process that should happen daily on the basis. Many cases are happening on a daily basis which is similar to the matter were due to the gravity of the cases or in the delaying of the cases. 

In of the cases also the same judgment was been made in where to the delay of the cases the justices which were to be given by the court should not be delayed in terms of delaying the justices. 

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