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To call a woman a woman, weak sex is slander. It is a man's injustice against a woman. Females are actually less brutal than men when strength means brute force attacks. Women are infinitely superior to men when strength means moral power. Isn't she more intuitive, isn't she more self-sacrificing, isn't she more sustainable, isn't she more courageous? Without them, no one could exist. If nonviolence is the law of our existence, the future is in women. Who can work on the heart more effectively than women? 

Psychological harassment or psychological violence is any kind of non-physical attitude or behavior that threatens, controls, conquers, punishes, corrupts, or isolates others by humiliation, fear, or corruption.
Here are some of the most common examples of psychological harassment:
Repeated abuse by one person many times 
Spouse betrayal or mental torture of dowry.

Abstinence of all kinds from what one enjoys.

Psychological harassment is often caused by bad language and emotional pressure. However, in extreme cases, it can be physical. Related sections of the IPC that can be read in Section 498 are § Section 294 (Obscene Acts and Songs), Section 304B (Dowry Death), 498A (Atrocities Exposed Husband or Husband's Relatives), and Section. It is 509 (words, gestures). Or , who intend to behave in a way that detracts from the dignity of women, thinks that psychological harassment in the workplace is essentially only sexual, but psychological harassment and torture are categorized. See the following classifications. Distinguishing by age. Defamation or humiliation in public. Discrimination based on caste. Discrimination based on or marital status.

Further, there is a clear distinction and observation that the tone of motherhood cannot be defined as mental harassment but in contrast the high pitch of tone or shouting or yelling or screaming at someone can be termed as mental harassment. Likewise, constantly belittling or criticizing your abilities, employment or looks, publicly flaunting an affair or adulterous relationship, falsely accusing yourself of committing adultery, failing to tell about an acquired sexually transmitted disease, while continuing to maintain sexual relations, making it a ritual to stay away from the marital residence without any valid explanation comes under mental harassment. Conversely, when women commit this type of crime, they want to prove their dominance and show how powerful they are or can be, just like having enemies over friends because enemies are much better than friends if they met later as friends because they want to prove themselves that they will be better this time - according to studies.
Rejection, love-failure, retribution, revenge or blind-faith, refusal, cheating, anger, eve teasing, cases that boil blood and make one seethe with vengeful rage are also some major factors behind such acts.

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