Monday, 24 January 2022

The Stockholm conference by Ketaki Virkar

 At the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment,  concerns related to environment protection and sustainable development were addressed . The Stockholm Conference of 1972 was a watershed moment in the globalisation of environmental issues. 

It resulted in the Stockholm Declaration, which included principles and Implementation Plans with environmental policy suggestions.

The Stockholm Declaration was adopted as a result of the conference.The Conference also resulted in the establishment of a management entity for these issues, subsequently known as the United Nations Environment Programme. 

It was  basically a declaration presenting a collection of shared principles to assist individuals in environmental protection and conservation. The participating governments endorsed and stated 26 principles at the end of the meeting. The following are the 26 principles that make up the Magna Carta:

1.Right to environmental protection 

2. Natural resource management 

3. Renewable resource management 

4. Wildlife conservation 

5. Nonrenewable resource management 

6. Pollution control

 7. Sea pollution prevention 

8. Development of the economy and society 

9. Natural disasters and underdevelopment 

10. Price stability of primary commodities

11. Environmental policies

12. Environment protection education

13. Rational resource management 

14. Rational planning 

15. Human settlements 

16. Population of humans 

17. Establishment of national environmental pollution control agencies 

18. Scientific and technological advancements 

19. environmental education 

20. Sovereign countries' rights and responsibilities 

21. Scientific research 

22. International law development 

23. Coordinated and dynamic role 

24.nuclear-weapons-ban collaboration 

26.every country must implement the agenda

The Stockholm Convention was the first global forum to examine environmental issues. The proclamation centred on environmental goals, pollution reduction, and environmental harm reduction. It encourages people to work together to safeguard the environment. The goal was to improve environmental law's international jurisprudence. The declaration's 26 principles serve as a beacon for all nations.

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