Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Article 21 is applicable to animals ?

 Whether Article 21 is having an interconnection with Animal rights. Whether this can apply to only men or can we apply animals?

In article 21 of the constitution, it talks about where it is a right to life. Every person has the right to live with life. In one of the cases, the court has held that life cannot be judged based on the human. Animals and the Human have a common life. Life cannot be discriminated against on basis of men and animals. There was also sexual harassment which was also been introduced. In the case of jallikuttu, I am not opposing religion. But I think it is one of the cruel practices that is been done to the cows. There was a report that the cows were been dragging from the ground to the tree. The approach they did with the cow is crucial. They bite the tails of the cow for the pain and run. There are much more treated than worse of the animal. 

Every animal has the right to survive. For human satisfaction, we should not kill animals. In another one of another cases is where the dog was being dragged by the car. In many other cases there was a similar incident that has happened where the cruelty was mostly done to the humans. The rights were being guaranteed by our constitution then the article 21 is not giving only on humans. But it is equally applicable to the animals.

This is one such article that should be applicable to both equally to men and animal. The life by the god. after god has equal power to take is by the law. In the form of the death sentences. The law maker has the person who is doing the duty hanging the person. Similar manner the animals should be treated equally.  There are more number of violations which are reported in this case. Not only this similar case that is bulls fight that happens at the foreign country in this case also. After they play with the bulls they kill them. This is not still being reported or ban. This is the game which is been now also continues usually but there we cannot ban it. Their jurisdictions matter because our legal system of India is different from the countries. 

Our legal system has different matters with their aim of the jurisdictions. Here I would conclude by saying that animals should treated as men’s in this world. 

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