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child marriage with cases By Srihari @ Lex cliq

 Child marriage act  Ex

It is one of the cases in which a woman has had a project to go through the village. Where child marriage was being practiced from the periods. No news was being reported earlier regarding this reason.  Here when the woman was reporting this incident. She was sexually harassed by the men. Finally, due to the revenge, she died where she was brutally raped and murdered. 

Here the issue was regarding this suit can be filed in the PIL (Public interest litigation). I see the incident resulted in the murder. There will be questions arising in the mind. How can we file under the PIL? There is the option that we can file under the Public Interest Litigation. In the above case, it is called sexual harassment. When the murder was been committed before she was subjected to sexual harassment. In matters of Public Interest litigation, there is the concept of the violation of the fundamental right. In this case, there was the first type of sexual harassment which was done in the first place.  Because sexual harassment is a violation of the fundamental right. In the constitution of the fundamental right, we have the right known as the right to freedom and religion.  But it should not be in the form where it should be harassing the people by going beyond the limit. 

There was a similar case where the court said that there was a similar fact but the incident did not result in murder or rape. But she was cruelly harassed by the boss of the company. Where she was denying her giving more loads of the work. In this case, she was being tortured also. Here the court said that there is the scope of the PIL where it comes in the bracket of the PIL. This case relates to the specific matter of violation of the fundamental right.  Many judgments are similar to the matter of PIL.

There is a wider concept in the scope of PIL. This will be one of the instruments for the weaker section of the society especially the violation of the fundamental right.  In this matter PIL Public Interests litigation. In this concept, this plays a vital role for the backbone of the weaker section of the society that would be beneficial for the society to bring that out from the outcome of the case. Adding this concept there is the involvement of the child marriage this is one of such rights that are been violated by the society we are facing today .

There are different law enacted by the constitution. But there was no such law which was enacted by the constitution.  It is the complete violation of the women's at the earlier stage. We can say that their stage when the concept was been evolved there was no specific reason why they have been formed . The grass root of the topic will be able to better understand the  evolution . 

This is one of the customs they say to should followed but in the aspect of the custom law . To satisfy the custom of the law it should be followed by the in the ancient period of the time . This concept of the time it has been evolved from the ancient period of the time. The child marriage is the set where the it should be stopped in the period of the time. This main people or the loss is not suffered by the society b the children are forced to do the child marriage under the act . People are forcing the children of the women who are under age of the below 12 year are the people who are not allowed to marry . But they have been married from the ancient of the period of the time . This was practices should be stopped indulge by the people.

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