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farm law being Repealed again

 Farm law being Repealed again.

The three farms law which announced due to which there was a lot of agitation and chaos, protest was all around the Delhi and other states. The prime minister Narendra Modi proclaimed to resolve all the disputes relates the farm law bill. 

They are certain things we need to know: 

  1. why was objective of the bill to be introduced? 

  2. what was reason behind the protests of farmers?

  3. did any response was given by the government authorities, how supreme court deal with this case?

  4.  what will be the process to repeal the farm law?

In existing system has some government related mandies were are all under monopoly, and they want to break the monopoly policy rule

So that farmers could privately sell their own fruits and vegetables by themselves. 

Secondly to make a legal frame work for the farmers so that they could enter into the contract with the companies and also do the work with them.

Thirdly the food articles and farm produce had restrictions on it to be removed on which the government had laid on them according to different states, so that agriculture business people also could stock the food articles.

If these farm law has made for the farmers benefit then what was the reason behind the protest of the farmers on this new bill.

First reason is 

That every state has its own maids and funds that is APMC mandi through which states gets funds from them, by those funds they do some of states work like providing electricity, forgive the loans taken, building roads and bridges. In such situations the three farms law which was made they want built a parallel path with APMC to make a new Mandi, but by this APMC will suffer a lot in this, the funds which they were get getting also get suffered and how the state will administer will get affected.

Also, the reason was middle men who were working in the APMC will be unemployed (arthiyas). Secondly the reason, is here farmers says that in starting 3 to 4 years it may be profitable for them but what if these APMC Mandi will totally get closed down. The minimum support and protection which they were get right now will not be provided then, due to this the private Mandi setting person will do arbitrariness with them and situation will get worsen then, this was speculation made by the farmers.

Thirdly was reason for bring this law was to help the farmers to enter into the contract with the private organisation gain some amount, buy and sell their goods without any medium. But farmers had a fear that they don't have the bargaining powers with the private companies and not able to negotiate the contract with them easily, not able to understand the fine print of the contract in that situation the private players may take benefit of this, it can be the breach of the contract in further after entering into the contract. There could also be taken away by them. 

Fourthly the government didn't take any consultant from farmers association and by themselves they had decided to make and applied the bill over the farmers. This made the farmers being neglect by the government on taking serious decision.

June 5th 2020 the 3-farm bill was introduced, and in Sep. 25th 2020 farmers started protesting against the government across India in streets.

In September 27th 2020 presidential assent given to the farm bill and the bill becomes farm law. In November 25th 2020 ‘Delhi chalo’ movement started by the farmers by Punjab and Haryana farmers. By seeing the situation on 3rd and 5th December 2020 1st round of talks was set between farmers and government, but nothing happened. Then central government sends proposal that they ready to amend these 3 farms laws but farmers unions says that laws should be Repealed it. Then in 11th December 2020 Bhartiya Kiran union moved the SC against the farm’s laws. After this supreme court file, a case on farm law and on 12 Jan 2021 Supreme Court stopped the implementation if law of the farmers and form 4 committee setup to find the solution.

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