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First Information Report and Evidentiary value of it

 First Information Report (FIR) and Evidentiary value of it

First Information Report-

Under section 154 of the criminal procedure code, it is a process by which officially police persons are informed about a particular incident, which either took place or there is a probability of any kind of hazard or probable offence. The prime objective is to take immediate action by police persons to stop the particular offence as early as possible,  at the same time to catch the culprit or offender as soon as possible.

 the first information report can be launched either by any person or by the police person in a suo- moto ( on its own initiative). 

Only plain paper written complaints submitted it should be properly signed. there should mention The date and time of the lodging of First Information Report,  because all these matters will be vital at the time of the cross- examination or further inquiry.

On the basis of this written complaint of printed form is filled up properly, Which is known as First Information Report. It should be signed by the concerning officer. It should have the name of the accused,  but it is not always necessary to provide the name of the accused. It will be the duty of the police person to search the culprit.  at the same time there should be a minimum description of the offence. under section 154 (2) of Criminal Procedure Code, A copy of the FIR are should be provided to the complainant free of cost.

Inquest report:

After detection of every unnatural death it is the duty of every citizen to inform the nearest police station,  then the concerned police officer will rescue the body and will prepare a report in prescribed format. it should be signed by two respectable citizens of residence of that locality. This inquest report should prescribe the The total description of body like clothes, any mark in the body, in which condition it was found, is there any other kind of abnormality etc. The total description of this kind of report are extremely necessary for further investigation and also for trials if necessary.After preparing this report the body should be sent for post mortem, becausr in every unnatural death post mortem is almost mandatory. the inquest report should be signed by police officer and should be submitted within time to the prescribe authority.  if any discrepancy or any confusing matter is found that should be marked also in that report.

Evidentiary value of First Information Report:

the First Information Report should be launched as soon as possible after the incident. If it is lodged unreported much later then automatically the value of though report is decreased. Because in FIR The lodging time, time of complaint, name of the writer, date as well as the signature of the duty officer is mandatory. Under copy of FIR should be provided to the complainant.

Two things may be there- that already the incident took place or there is threatening to commit something. 

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