Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Growth of Legal Tech Startups in India

 Growth of Legal-tech Startups in India

By Shweta Nair

Presently, it has almost become impossible to live without technology, isn’t? That’s the kind of immense growth in technology that has swept worldwide and continues to pace higher and higher with the rising demands. 

To be precise, pandemic era has further given a push to the digitalization. Prior, could we ever imagine a world where people would sit at home and do office work or children would attend classes online in the comfort of their homes? No not at all. 

In every field and every sector, technology has crept in, including legal sector; in fact, it has helped to cope up in such a difficult time.

Legal Technology is to provide legal services using technology and software which greatly benefits lawyers to provide quick and efficient legal services without much paper work and burden and also assists public in gaining legal knowledge and legal content. All this has led to the rise in Legal Tech Startups which provide legal work through online platform using technology. The main reason behind the establishment of legal tech startups is the transformation of legal sector from traditional way of procedural work to a tech driven approach.

We are aware that during the pandemic, even the court proceedings were held online. Lawyers would attend to their clients and resolve their disputes online. Apart from that, it has actually improved the way judicial and legal services were taking place back then before pandemic which was basically held in a traditional way, where lawyers had to go through tons of paper work, long researching from books etc. 

However, now there are online databases and websites like Manupatra, SCC Online, Casemine and several others. It has tremendously saved the time of lawyers. Besides, even the document attestation can be done online through e-signature which has resulted in efficient and convenient way of doing work. It has also helped legal professionals in managing the contracts online and the dispute redressal mechanism none other than ODR- Online Dispute Resolution.

Legal Tech also provides clients option to choose which lawyer they want and keep a tally of their legal procedures. The rise in legal tech startups is owing to the better opportunities which comes with it like legal services, employment and also aids in boosting economy. Legal solutions are delivered faster and it becomes affordable too for everyone to opt it. Lawyers can also be assured of not being cheated and it also makes it flexible for the client leading to a good relationship between lawyer and the client along with easier management of heavy work load. 

Some of the legal tech startups include- Presolv360, LegalKart, Lawyered, LegalDesk, Provakil, iPleaders, Mike Legal etc. Yet, Prarambh was the first one among these that too from the India’s largest legal firm Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. 

Thus, technology has aided in transformation of the legal field for the good. Common people are more likely to approach such legal tech startups which are more user friendly, affordable, quick, reliable, efficient and convenient. The work of lawyers can never be replaced but it can be made more efficient and that is what the Legal Tech Startups objective is. With the complexities and number of cases increasing in a country, such innovative startups are a great way to go forward!

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