Monday, 7 February 2022

Natural disaster management act By Srihari @ LEX CLIQ

 Law which are related covid 19 and impacted the government policy.

The covid 19 had major impact on the year 2019 to 2020 . There was dramatic change not only to the economic but for the whole system. In the change of the whole year there was drop down of the market value senses for the whole exam. In agriculture sector there was the huge increase of the employment in the recent year where the from 2015 – 2018 . But there was bit downfall from the sense  year from 2014 – 2016.  There was the recent dramatic that took place when the covid came in the year . But this case that it majorly impacted the took place when it took place . The agriculture sector talking about where there was the dripping  the year 60 to 70 percentage fall . 

The farmer bill which was created where this took place due to the delay that was happen . In this case what happened was that the bill which was introduced due to the year 2022. In which the bill is negotiated in the year where there is violence's of the law but here in the case due to the covid 19 impact. When the lock down was came in the year the economy was boost down on the particular from 80 percent 90 percent. But in the recent year the Sensex ( it means that the recent profit when the company earns it shows from the previous year ) where it shows it drop downs from down to bottom . 

In the past previous year the finances minister Nirmala Sitharaman who announced by the budget has various had  some package that was from the previous year where it was from the background for implementing the bouget policy where there was more incentives which was bring back the policy. In this buget when it was been drafted and presented before the parliament. The budget parliamentary session which was started by the finances minister Nirmala Sitharaman had impact of the covid only by making new policy by brings a new reform all together. 

When this covid was not been there , the budgets which was produced by the Nirmala Sitharaman was been had not gained much importance's when there was much incentives which was been produced by the government .  Even though there this had the major impact act where it gained better support for the weaker support for the section SC , 0BC ,STS. ETC .This where we can say covid gained much importance for the weaker section of the society . This made one of the reform that had major impact when does it most important policy for the sections. 

This year also the budget was been reformed where a new incentive was been produced. One of the best of the railway people who do the work for carrying the goods or the  people who carry the goods at the market . They also get a good incentives for these people in the budget. 

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