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The exception is the Indian contract act

 Indian contract act 1872 

There is different section that are been related to the offences. Law is the set of rules and regulations that govern the government. Here the law defined in the nature. There are different aspects of the law. One such law is the contract. All contract is the agreement but all the agreement is not contract. The contract is the forming when the three is acceptances and offer which are been made both parties who are signing the contract here consent is one of aspect. Here the consent means the undue influences, coercion, etc. 

In this case it is not only both the aspect of only undue influences, coercion. Here for example for if somebody put the knife on the head by not signing contract. It is not the contract but it is the agreement it is formed by illegal.  So, then it cannot be termed as the contract. There are two types of the contract that are expiled  and Implied.  The explied contract means it is express and but the Implied means that like for example if you give money to the auto, it is where it is give and take. You are Boud to take it. It is known as Implied officer.

Contract the itself denotes it is form of the both willingness. Here the willingness of person of the contracts is they are having the free consent absolutely it is contract. Because there is consent which are not affecting by consent who are in the contract. The other exception is that the Majority act in which it talks about where it talks about minor where they are not able to enter into contract. In the case of Partnership, it is the exception of where minor can be able to enter into contract.

There are loopholes I can say. The first one I talked about the Minor case they said they are not able to enter into contract due to persons they are not competences as enter into contract.  But in the case of partnership, they talk about minor. The minor case they have advantage of the partners in the contract. In this they are able to get profit that they have earned entering into the contract. Where they are able to get profit.

The Indian contract act talks about there are offence's which are been in contract. In the Indian contract act talks about where there is Free acceptances , consideration . 

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