Friday, 4 February 2022



The discussion around the rights of women at the workplace and in society at large has gained instigation over the once decade and has been propelled by recent incidents in the commercial world. I tête-à-tête still believe that this shouldn't really be a subject of discussion. A woman’s right to express, grow, contribute, feel safe, etc. at the workplace should be a tone-apparent verity. We don’t ask for special boons or treatment, all we ask for is equal openings, equal stimulants, and appreciation. Effects like motherliness leaves shouldn’t be looked upon as an honour, rather conceded as our birth right as we’re giving birth to the coming generation.

We make conscious sweats to ensure that the terrain is amicable for women whilst icing equivalency is maintained, whether it's equal pay to openings for growth, we treat all our workers at par sans gender bias. As mentioned by the lately culminated Miss Universe 2019 Zonzibini Tunzi, “Leadership is a commodity we encourage every hand to take up, especially women. However, you truly earn to reach for the stars, if you work hard.”

We belong to a society that has labelled women to be the weaker coitus, an archaic bias grounded on a complete figment of superstition, one that women around the world have made a mockery of with achievements that on a diurnal base propel our race to inconceivable heights. Introducing and instituting are attributes that know no gender, and excellence can be achieved in malignancy of hurdles of demarcation and bias. However, we can do so much in our workspaces, If we can help every woman realize that.

We encourage that women support women in order to achieve new heights. Exchanges & conduct revolving around inclusiveness, cooperation, and empathy are the order of the day to get stylish out of the available coffers within our country.

While conversations and debates have been ongoing over the subject in colourful forums for a while now, it’s time to turn the good intentions into conduct by the commercial world and colourful governing bodies. Concrete conduct to ensure the safety of women within their services has been incorporated like strict policy making under an ICC-Internal Complaints Committee (obligatory under POSH Act 2013). We have an absolute zero forbearance towards any kind of importunity at the workplace, which we feel should be at the core of all associations. One must ensure the safety of women, conduct colourful forums and shops that help foster mindfulness, and disband discriminative or raptorial mindsets at the workplace.

Women breaking through species, shattering the proverbial glass ceilings of dogma and bias from inspiring stories every day. Rising to helm multiple gamut’s of diligence and companies encyclopaedically, luminaries like Indra Nooyi, Sheryl Sandberg, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, and Falguni Nayar are all trailblazers par excellence, to name many. Currently, women aren't only holding operation places but also leading systems and cracking deals but are also possessors of the company. The programs are created to include the colourful places and liabilities in the life of a woman, as well as equal growth openings and remuneration for the woman workers.

Equal Openings of growth and creation that fully cleanse commercial policy of any discriminative bias, furnishing an inclusive and meritocratic platform of progress for all, bear a great shift in the mindset of employers. In utmost companies, Indian or MNCs, there are generally 35 women to 65 men on a normal. Recent studies depict that for every 100 men advanced, roughly 75 women were promoted and this wasn't attributed to skill or performance at work. This is reflective of the ills of prevailing mindsets, which the corporate world must work to relieve. Last, but not least, it’s also substantial to tutor women at workplaces and help them promote and encourage each other. Once the mindset changes, everything changes.

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