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legal opinion on cheating in making payment for balance amount

                                  SHORT NOTE ON LEGAL OPINION FACTS: Manish Kumar is a factory owner at Delhi & supplied goods worth Rs 10 lakh to Surjeet Sinha at Chandigarh. Surjeet paid only Rs 2.60 lakhs & did not make the payment of the balance amount. His intention was bad from the beginning. He kept on buying time on one pretext or the other. Manish Kumar later come to know that he also cheated similarly to other factory owner. Manish filed a written complaint to the police at Delhi but police did not register the FIR.  ISSUE: Whether police are correct for not registering Manish FIR or police are avoiding their duty to register FIR .  BACKGROUND: In the case of Lalita Kumari V. Govt. of U.P. & others (2008) Supreme Court in the 5 Judge Bench remark that the number of F.I.R. not registered is approximately equivalent to the number of F.I.R. actually registered. In a study conducted by the Indian Institute of Public Opinion, New Delhi regarding “Image of the police i