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Marriage Counselling in Matrimonial Disputes

 Marriage counselling, also known as couple therapy, helps the couple to overcome their immediate problems, resolve conflict and improve their relationship. It also equips them to meet the future issues. Through counselling, a couple can get better insight into their deteriorating relationship, identify the crucial factors behind their differences and make a rational decision rather than choosing the ultimate separate ways.

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A marriage counselling can be availed to address many specific issues like: -

1. Communication problems

2. Financial difficulties

3. Conflicts about child rearing

4. Sexual difficulties

5. Infidelity

6. Family issues

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Marriage counselling brings couples together for joint therapy sessions. However, this does not guarantee that talking about the problems to a marriage counsellor would be easy. Sessions might pass in silence or the couple might bring their fight with them. The marriage therapist acts as mediator or referee and helps cope with the resulting emotions and turmoil.


The Role of a Marriage Therapist

Marriage counselling is provided by licensed therapist known as marriage and family therapist. While dealing with matrimonial disputes, counsellors develop their own scientific support system through good listening skills and generally do not give their own assumptions and notions while counselling.

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Marriage counselling sessions are specific for individual cases since it involves unique issues and expectations. The counsellor has different goals at different level of functioning. In some cases, marriage counselling session could be for a short duration, depending on if the issue is not very serious like ego differences between a couple. And in some, it may extend to weeks or months. However, in matters relating to physical abuse and torture, no attempt at counselling and mediation should be made and ‘Domestic Information report’ must be filed.

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