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Now file DDA complaints on Facebook and Twitter

 The Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) moto is “we think, plan and work for the future of Delhi” and therefore, the DDA has finally made its debut on social media giants with its official Facebook page and official Twitter handle on May 5, 2018 to allow citizens to make their complaints regarding any issue with the authority.

Moreover, ever since DDA’s establishment in the year 1957, it has spearheaded the operation of development in the capital. Delhi’s master plan was prepared by DDA in 1962, which shield a well-balanced development of Delhi by framing new residential additional areas which were independent and provided a reliable and healthy atmosphere.

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In addition, the idea was re-evaluated in 1982 and now DDA is all set to meet the challenge of accommodating the needs of the estimated population of 128 lakhs by the conclusion of this decade with its extensive Master Plan of Delhi, 2001.

While updating, a DDA official said, “These platforms will now allow citizens to directly file their complaints on these pages, which will be monitored regularly and effectively.”

“DDA is on Twitter as ‘official_dda’ and on Facebook as ‘dda official’. The latest updates and information will be available on,” DDA first tweeted recently. These pages allow the citizens to simply send the queries/ feedbacks as comments, tweets, posts, etc. You just need to open the official page on either of the platforms and send in your queries just the way you post something on the social media.

Delhi natives have already bombarded the Twitter page with complaints/ concerns about poor amenities/ living conditions in their areas. Most of the tweets/ complaints have been from the natives of Dwarka.

The good thing about the page is that the DDA has been replying pro-actively to all the complaints related to allotment letters, refund of money and other related issues. Thus, showing the right intention behind the initiating such a social media page for residents to make complaints conveniently with potential effective measures.

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A DDA spokesperson explained that these platforms have been brought in following the guidelines of Hardeep Singh Puri who is the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs. “The idea to initiate such accounts had been in the pipeline for quite some time,” the DDA spokesperson stated, adding that now, residents can now effortlessly give their suggestions, feedback or complaints directly to the DDA.

The DDA has distributed the daily management of these accounts to a firm. “They have, therefore, be provided all the numbers of the heads of departments of DDA and they are supposed to coordinate with them. In the event where there is an immediate need to reply to a query, the official reply will be issued by the concerned department and then the firm will post that on the platform,” the official explained.


Now, here are some queries already put forward by many aggrieved residents for you to get a fair idea of what sort of queries can be posted-

Register complaints related to amenity problems

For instance,

My daughter while going to the school took these pictures of nilgai eating garbage in Qutab Institutional Area. The nilgai came out of Sanjay Van from the broken wall. Please fix it. Also, I request MCD & Delhi Government to clear the dump.


Register complaints related to allotment letters of flats

For instance,

Natives of Katputli Colony feel they have been cheated by the DDA as they were brought to transit camp 4 years ago with a dream of a house now DDA is treating them as persona non grata and asking them to vacate the rooms allotted to them as promised please help the needy.

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 Register complaints related to refund of money

For instance,

Why has my DDA- 2017 refund not been delayed? How many times will I have to visit just to get my money returned?


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