Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Section 65 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act - Submission of statements to conciliator

 Section 65 Arbitration and Conciliation Act Description

(1) The conciliator, upon his appointment, may request each party to submit to him a brief written statement describing the general nature of the dispute and the points at issue.

Each party shall send a copy of such statement to the other party.

(2) The conciliator may request each party to submit to him a further written statement of his position and the facts and grounds in support thereof, supplemented by any documents and other evidence that such party deems appropriate. The party shall send a copy of such statement, documents and other evidence to the other party.

(3) At any stage of the conciliation proceedings, the conciliator may request a party to submit to him such additional information as he deems appropriate.

Explanation. - In this section and all the following sections of this Part, the term conciliator applies to a sole conciliator, two or three conciliators as the case may be.

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