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 Sexual harassment 

In this one of the part recent amendments which took place recent changes which made having greater impact the empowerment of the women.  The rights are being given to the women. There were recent laws that were raised.  The harassment is that it can be in the form of defamation it can be abusing the women at the workplace.  It is mainly dominating the will of the women. It is usually evolved due to the harassment which is from the workplace against the women’s. 

It is the one of the torture that it is effecting in the mental stage. Most of the women are been facing the harass by the men. They thing that men are superior than the women. In one of section 3 of the prevent of sexual harassment of the law. In this section it talks about the where the no women should be subjected to sexual harassment.  It is basically a back bone for the women for the sexual female harassment. 

There are many laws which is been initiated by the government for protection for women. This is one of the topic which has the more number of any amendments. In article of the constitution it also talks about the right to education. Harassment can be in the form of the verbal which is more danger than the act which is been done in the physical form. In the torts if we see there are two word that are libel and slander s stand for sound and libel stands for the letter. These are two types of words that plays in the form of defamation. The word is much danger than the act which he does. There number of the cases reported by in the last year was more than the 80 percent. 

In one of the case the court held that by the clear fact and evidences which was presented before the court it is the case related to the sexual harassment.  Here in the case one of the women was subjected to the cruelty in the form where she was harassed the public in the large in the form of the employees where the she was a hardworking person. But the manager who was in the company got a anger on the women got insulting her as the revenge. This similar case was being happened. 

In other aspect it has also defined Ipc and other laws should be more implemented. 


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