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Case analysis .

 Animal welfare board vs Nataraja and ors 

This is one of the cases which is related to the animal’s right. In this, it was held that the right to life is the inherent worth of the dignity of humans. It is the dignity which gives by the right of the Individual also to the animals. One of the cruelest forms that we can earn is animal cruelty.  It can be in the form of different types they are slaughtering of the cows and also killing chickens for purpose people eating the nonveg. In another case of Narayan Dut Bhatt vs Union of India the high court was delivering the justices of the verdict.

The decision was referred to the legal principle most important concept in the legal aspect.  The court recognized the moral aspect in terms of the animal. Because before these incidents happened relating to the cruelty to the animals even though there was legislation there were not many differences or in other legislations should have been impacted for stopping this cruelty. 

There is most of the important aspect.  In the form of cruelty that has been tortured. There are other aspects related to this. One of the issues raised before the court is one can be people we love animals mostly. They are complaining through the articles, letters, journals. There was a similar incident where the elephant died due to eating the foods which were inserted by the people for capturing the wild pigs but accidentally what happened.  Here it is not about the aim of people’s fault but yes there is. Here no person has the right to kill an animal whether it is a wild animal. 

A similar case wherein the festivals where the elephant was being tortured by the people who were caretakers was bitten. In this case, it was held that though the evidence and the circumstances. The elephant leg was being torn. Where they were hitting the elephant brutally. This was a violation of the animal violation of the right. Where there should be treated equally. Because if there is the pain that was happening they would not realize there cannot speak but they also don’t have a way to express their feeling but we should stop the cruelty to animals. There are other acts that have been enacted by the government to strengthen the area by stopping widening the law.


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