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One of the most significant additions to the 2019 Act is proper to establish the Central consumer protection Authority (CCPA)  . To regulate, protect and enforce the interest of consumers and matters related to unfair trade practices .  The Act 2019, provided for the establishment of the Central Consumer protection authority (CCPA). By Central government As per (section 10.1 ) of Central consumer protection Act 2019. The CCPA is to be established by the Central government and will have an investigation wing headed by Director general. Headquarter at New Delhi and regional offices (sec 10).


The objects of CCPA are to regulate matters relating to Violation of Rights of consumers, Unfair trade practices, False or misleading advertisement pre-judicial to the interest of public and consumer, and, To promote, protect and enforce the Rights of Consumers, The Central authority is empowered to regulate the procedure of transaction of its business and allocation of its business amongst all the commission

CCPA will consist of a chief Commissioner and several other commissioners as prescribed, and to be appointed by the Central government to exercise powers and discharge functions under the Act, 2019. 

The central government is empowered to make rules to provide for the Qualifications,Method of recruitment, Procedure of appointment,Term of office, Salaries and allowances resignation and removal, Other terms and or conditions of service of commission. 

The Central government is empowered to provide the required officers and employees to the Central Authority for the efficient performance of its functions. The Central authority is authorized to engage the expert and professional of integrity and ability who have special knowledge and experience in the areas of consumer rights. 


THE CCPA INVESTIGATION WING:  the investigation wing will function at three stages 

•National level 

Headed by – Director-General 

Supported by – additional /joint/deputy/assistant director generals

•Regional level 

Headed by – commissioner of regional office (CRO) 

•District level 

Headed by- District collector 






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