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Controversy over the Hijab or head scarf.

 Controversy over the Hijab or head scarf. 

It has been escalation in coastal Karnataka which are worn by girls. These echoes of controversy are could also being heard in other parts of the Karnataka too even as a political slug fest is folding on the communalism on this sensitive issues. The several political leaders including Mehbooba Mufti and Rahul Gandhi has voice their condemnation over the twitter.

The rise of the controversy was when 6 female students belonging to the government pu college for girls in Urbi were not allowed to attend classes by wearing a hijab. The students protested on December 31,2021 claiming that the college was not allowing them to attend classes for the past 15 days. 

The unpaid BJP MLA  Raghupati Bhatt co- ahead the college development committee and held a meeting with the parents with other stake holders. He told the students to follow the college dress code in the class room but the 6 students chose to stay away from the class room. 

They filed a write petition in the Karnataka high court and approach to the human rights commission.

During the controversy the other educational institutions get involved. Following the incident, a group of boys at the government pre-University college in Gurdapur went to college coating saffron shawls in protest against some girls attending classes getting hijab. Gurdapur MLA Srinivas Shetty held a meeting with parent's and asks students to comply with the dress code of the college till the government takes the final decision on the matter. The MLA said that there are some girl who are attending the classes in the college supporting hijab for the last 5 days. The girls students on the other hand argued that they cannot be forced to stay out of the college following the sudden change in the dress code to bard the hijab. The counter wearing hijab and other side several Hindu boys wearing saffron shawls but too have been barred from entering classes. Such cases have been reported in several colleges, district in the coastal Karnataka. The row took a new turn in chitt nagarolu were in students IGSJ government first grade college arrived wearing blue shawl, they chanted slogans and raise their voice in support to the Muslim girls. They said they are in support of wearing hijab in colleges as part of the religious practices.

The Karnataka government issues an order stating that students have to comply with the uniform or dress code made by the college development committees. The primary and secondary education minister B.C. Nagesh said rules framed under the Karnataka educational act 2013 and 2018 have empowered education institutions to prescribe uniforms for schools and colleges student's. The department has issued a circular based on these rules and appeal to students to follow uniform prescribed by the college till the high court pronounced the verdict on the matter. Though uniforms are not mandatory in collages, but the college development committees often headed by the local  MLA's have been insisting on a dress code including banning hijab in the district's. The Karnataka Basavaraj S Bommai ordered closure of the high schools and colleges in Karnataka for 3 days in attempt to prevent further escalation of the row over the students wearing hijab in classroom.


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