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Cyber Crime

 Cyber Crime 

 Cyber crime is also called as a computer crime, the use of computer related to day today life is changing for hackers they use computer for fraud, child pornography, and trafficking etc. Nowadays the Cyber Crime increase in daily life because the cyber crime is directly related and dependent on Technology, the more technology is increasing the more cases of cyber crime is increases. We see the pandemic which resulted in a lockdown in country the new form of work is originated it is there in our society but it is more used by nowadays people s a work from home. The pandemic resulted more uses of technology is related work. In my surrounding every person has their personal phone even children to, and this resulted in increases in cyber crime. I will share my own experience that my brother is faced the cyber crime from her bank account more than ten thousand rupees were stole by the cyber criminals, we do the report in police station but nothing happened. 

The first recorded cyber crime took place in the year 1820, even that time there a little technology but the crime happened then the government or an authorities feel to make laws for the newly invented law and from that time the cyber crime is now grown up very much in India we have Information Technology Act 2000 which mention some act and section provide the remedies and prohibition to such Activities. 

Section 65 of Information Technology Act define that Tampering with computer source document, it mentioned that a person who intentionally conceals destroy or alter any computer device source it punished by the three year imprisonment and fine of two lack INR. 

Section 66 of Information Technology Act mentioned that using password of another person, if a person fraudulently uses the password digital signature or other unique identification or documents like Aadhar Card etc, of another person he/she will be punished up to three year of imprisonment and fine of one lack INR. 

Section 67 publishing child porn or predating children online, it mentioned that if a person capture, publishes or transmits images of a child in sexually explicit act or induce anyone under the age of 18 into a sexual act like making porn of child under the age of 18 and post on different websites is a serious crime, and it will be resulted into the person can face imprisonment of seven year and fine up to lacks INR.      

Section 69 talks about the government power to block websites, in this section mentioned that if the government feels it necessary in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, it can interrupt monitor or decrypt any information generated transmitted received or stored in any computer resources. The power is subjected to compliance of procedure. Under section 69A the central government can also block any information from public access. 

Section 43 A of Information Technology Act mentioned that the Data protection at corporate level, if a body corporate is negligent in implementing reasonable security practice which cause wrongful loss or gain to any person such body corporate shall be liable to pay damages to the affection person.   


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