Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Indian evidences act with famous case in Kerala

                        Indian Evidence act with help of famous case law 

                                                                                                                           By Srihari S

In the Indian evidence act when we talk about it is one of the most important parts of any cases that we talk about. Talking about the case of the famous in Kerala where one of the film actor Dileep. He was one of the people who was been arrested for assaulting women and raping the girl and taking the photos which was been said by him some people. In this case, the court held in the aspect of the evidence were as per the Indian evidence act it is necessary to produce before the court the legal document which was essential not for any other cases.

But in this case, the court did not reject the plea of the advocate stated that yes it is concerning affecting the right to privacy but this kind of case is been holding not only in the Papers. It can be through soft copies. if see the evidence as a whole. The Indian evidence act is the backbone of proving any case. But my opinion on this case was that it is right to privacy which should not be violated by the Individual but how it will be. But is the duty of the CBI to check the cases to get the evidence. In the evidence, the act does not only the documents is not mandatory in the written form it can be also in the soft copies. In this case, it was taken that if the CBI would take the matter which is not relevant in the case of evidence apart from it to will be the violation of the article that is Right to privacy. 

Because it is affecting the right to privacy. This is one of the important cases which did talk about the Indian evidence act. The Indian evidence act means it is formed for the purpose of this act is to keep the standard of the procedure while forming before the court. In the above cases when this case was going on the court the judge said about the evidence in the part of every case to be proved. They have proceeded only when the Indian evidence act. This is one of the bases which they took on the decision  of the case. 

Not only the act but it is an act which should be formed for the barely purely for the act. 

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