Monday, 7 February 2022

Natural disaster act By Srihari @ LEX CLIQ

 Natural disaster act 

There are many other act which is been implemented by the act. There are the offences that are been categorized different act  which it has been categorized into different offences. The act which are mainly is to be prevent from wrong doers. Wethers in case of natural disaster is there any act. Because in the case of the natural disaster  act it is defined . Prime minter Narendra Modi announced the national wide on the lockdown on the certain date . Where the lockdown came in the force in full power. The natural disaster act was been initiated for protecting the act from the natural disaster . This can be applicable in the contracts especially. There was in the moot court where there was the agreement between the parties in the contract.   Where by the contract she had duty for putting the advertisement by the product in the area due to the lockdown he was not able to make advertisement . 

In this case due to the lock down of the corona viruses she was not able to put advertisement by shooting . Here company for filed for the contract under not satisfying the fulfillment. In this case there was the defenses taken by the contract. In this it was the act where the defenses which was put by the natural defense is the natural defenses act where the  petitioner who was filing the case had the ground of natural disaster act. Because in this case what happened was that the due to the strict lockdown she was not able to get the shooting due to the lockdown . The act of the god was been applicable in the case where it was not done with that the intention for not following the term and application of the contract. Here other can be doctrine of the frustration was been done for example in the case where due to the fire goods destroyed. 

Here the natural disaster act where these act was been done not with the intention. The goods was done not with the intention to destroy the fire.  Also the act which done will not be liable under the natural disaster act . In this those acts which falls the category is the natural disaster act  where the cats which was done is not done with the intention of the person.

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