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Overview of Marital RAPE - Manav Puri@LexCliq

 Overview of Marital RAPE – Manav Puri@LexCliq


India celebrates seventy years of Independence and still women of the state are neglected and aren't really free and independent. Rape intrinsically could be an offence against women, violating her dignity and self-esteem and once it happens inside four walls of a marital home, it reduces the lady to the status of an object used chiefly for sexual gratification. Wedding is a sacred social establishment in India. the foremost distinctive aspects of the connection between husband and better half are the legal sanctions connected to their sexual relationship. However, marriage has currently become a license to rape.

Marriage is a legally sanctioned contract between a man and a woman. The sexual relation between husband and wife is legal. Due to legality of sex, husband gains a benefit over his wife which becomes the only cause of increasing of matrimonial rapes. As the legal definitions varies, a marital rape can be outlined as any unwanted sexual intercourse or penetration by husband done by force, threat of force, or when the wife is not in a position to give free consent. In correct perception, the husband cannot be held guilty of raping his wife on account of likely matrimonial consent for cohabitation.

When a husband lures his wife into consenting to sex and on her refusal, denial forces him over her consent, and commits the act, it is said to be a Marital Rape. No matter how long they have been married to each other, if a wife hasn't consented or wishes to have sex with her partner, her wish has to be obliged, but in today's scenario husbands choose to torture their wives, mentally, emotionally, and physically to any possible extent, just to get what they want.

Matrimonial Rape is an infringement of basic Rights underneath Article 21- Right to Life & Dignity, wherein its states that nobody shall be bereft of his life or personal liberty, except in keeping with the procedure established by law. Here the proper of the better half to refuse gender together with her husband ought to stand against the force, force of her husband will of get him the sexual intercourse. Section 375 of the Indian legal code defines Rape as a person is alleged to commit rape once he has intercourse with his wife while not having her free consent, by undue influence, coercion, blackmail, by giving medication her, she could be a minor underneath sixteen years of age.

As per Indian Penal Code, the instances where husband can be criminally prosecuted for an offence of marital rape are as under;

  • When the wife is between 12-15 years of age, such kind of acts are considered as punishable offences with imprisonment up to 2 years or fine, or both.

  • When the wife is below the age of 12 years, such an offence is punishable with imprisonment not less than 7 years and be extended to life or for a term extending up to 10 years.

  • Rape of a judicially separated wife, is considered to be a punishable offence with imprisonment up to 2 years and fine both.      

  • Rape of wife of above 15 years of age is not a punishable offence.      

The court discusses about three kinds of Marital rape; 

  1. Battering rape – This is a type of spousal rape in which women in the relationship experience physical and sexual violence in a variety of ways. In some cases, the wife is beaten during the sexual barbarism, or rape may follow an episode in which the husband seeks reconciliation and pressures his wife to have sex against her will.

  1. Force only rape – In this type of matrimonial rape, husbands use only that quantity of force, because it is needed to pressurize their wives. In such cases, scrap might not be an attribute, however ladies who deny gender sometimes have to be compelled to face such assaults.

  2. Obsessive rape – In obsessive rape, assaults involve vicious torture or perverse sexual acts and are most typically fierce in form. this kind has also been classified as sadistic rape.


According to me;

  • Marital Rape out to be recognized as an offence, by the Parliament under the Indian Penal Code.

  • The penalization for marital rape should be same to the one prescribed for rape under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code.

  • The fact that the parties are married should not affect the degree of sentence.

  • It should not be a defense that the wife did not fight back or resisted by forceful means or screamed and shouted.

  • The wife should have an option of decree of divorce if the charge of marital rape is proved against her husband.

  • Matrimonial laws regarding the corresponding charges should be made stricter. 

Author Name – Manav Puri@LexCliq

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