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Relation between Law and Human Consciousness

 Generally there is no such strict definition of law. From time to time many jurists and Human consuouwk and human

academicians have tried to give a proper shape to the very vast word “ LAW”.

According to Austin – Law is the command of the sovereign. It is the command of the superior to an inferior and the force is the sanction behind law.

According to Holland – A law is a general rule of external behaviour enforced by a sovereign political authority.

According to the Hindu Civilization Law is Dharma which means to hold, bear , carry , maintain , preserve , keep. Dharma is not confined to Law only it provides a way to live life and the purpose of life.

But in simple words, Law is a definite rule of behaviour which is backed by the sovereign power of the state.

Their are various sources of law like custom, Precedent, Legislation, Statutory Interpretation, Judicial Decisions, Religion and many more. Law is never static and rigid it keeps evolving from time to time as per the requirements and nature of the society.

Now in order to relate Law and Human Consciousness we need to understand what is human consciousness. There are various ways to understand Consciousness. one is in Yogic way and another one is in the sense of Science. In Yogic terms explaining human consciousness in words will be not enough because an individual must experience it by following and practicing the methods prescribed. But for basic understanding the word “ Yoga “ means union and human beings try experience this sense of union in so many ways. The mind has been divided in four parts as per Yogic culture and they are BUDDHI which means The intellect of a human being , next is MANAS which is the gathering of memory , then comes AHANKARA which is the sense of Identity , and finally CHITTA which means the Cosmic Intelligence or the state of pure intelligence. Many spiritual leaders say that once you have access to the CHITTA them people see things in every possible direction where a man with ordinary prudence is unable to see.

But Science and Yogic culture mainly do not agree with every concept hence according to Science Consciousness is mainly focused with the Mind of a Human being. For general understanding Consciousness can be said or refers to individual awareness of thoughts, feelings , memories, sensation and environments. The awareness is subjective and differs from human to human.

Effectiveness of law on society

It is true that imposition of law aims at prevention of crimes and wrongs in the society and to guide the society in a constructive way to ensure an ideal society.

But it cannot be denied that Crimes are increasing as the day passes . Human society is witnessing such crimes that are unimaginable and painful. Not only the people are getting affected but the ecology as well.

Animal abuses, Forest Fire , Air Pollution etc are of every day story these days and it in a growing trend.

Despite of various laws and strict punishments we lack a ideal society. Where certain segment of population live with fear and the other fearless as law does not matter to them.

Where the actual problem lies ?

There can be various reasons for which the effectiveness of law is very low like Geographical factor, Mental illness, Economic factor, Sociological factor, wrong influence, Emotional disturbances and many more. But we always ignore the main reason behind such factor is there is absence of proper human consciousness. Human only focuses in imposition of laws but it is least effective when the basic Consciousness is absent.

How to achieve basic Consciousness.

It is easy to differentiate between Right and wrong but it can be opposite when human mind works in an evil mode or when there lies a tricky and confusing situation . Hence , one cannot determine what is going on in one’s mind and how one react to certain circumstances. It is a Challenge for the society to deal with it.

But it is not impossible. It can be done with various ways. One is Meditation and it has worked for many spiritual seekers it is the oldest where one can increase their intelligence, improve mental health and decrease their tension, stress and it makes human being more compassionate and joyful. Another way is to provide education where people can be aware of the acts and their consequences. Most primarily is Introspection by doing self introspection one can find faults within and can work upon it to improve it.

Thus, law and human consciousness goes together and cannot be separated. If separated from each other then the law will be least effective and the society will keep suffering.

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