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100 years of Chauri Chaura Incident

 The year of 2022 mark the centennial of Chauri Chaura Incident and on that occasion PM paid tribute to the heroes of freedom struggle. Chauri Chaura is a small town in Gorakhpur  district of Uttar Pradesh. In 1920, Mahatma Gandhi had launched Non-Cooperation movement against the British Government that include using swadeshi Products that are made in our home country India & avoid using foreign goods like machine made cloth in order to get freedom from British. During this period Khilafat Movement also launched which aims to salvage the Ottoman Caliph as a symbol of unity among Muslim Community in India during British Raj, The Cogress support to movement and cojoin the non-cooperation movement. 

On 4th February 1922, volunteer congregated in the town, and after the meeting proceeded in a procession to the local police station. The police fired into the crowd killing some people & injured many volunteers. In retaliation the crowd proceeded to set police station on fire. Some policemen who tried to escape were caught and battered to death. A lot of public property has been damaged during the incidence. Due to this incident Mahatma Gandhi withdraw from Non- Cooperation Movement in 1922 as he don’t support such unforgivable violence. 

British Government prosecuted the accused and session court sentenced 172 accused to death. At the end of prosecution only 19 accused are those who are hanged to death. The sudden withdraw of Non-Cooperation Movement also created rift between Congress & the Muslim leader. Mahatma Gandhi justify the withdraw of Non-Cooperation Movement on the ground of his unshakeable faith in non-violence. 



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