Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Hijab ban in Karnataka

                    Hijab Ban in Karnataka 

After the ban on hijab by the Karnataka’s Udupi College, the chaos has taken place in the whole country. People from Muslim Community esspecially the womens demand that this ban is wrong and bad in the eyes of law. It violates the right to profess their religion freely. According to them, it is a direct infringement on their rights which every individual has in India because India is a secular country and here evryone is allowed to practice their religion and not be discriminated on the basis of that.

As per the survey done internationally, there emerges the fact that no institution and college of any country has banned hijab or any religious thing of that sort wore by the individuals. They are allowed to wear clothes and complimentaries according to their religious sentiments. They feel this is secularism.

But what really is secularism? This question should be asked before blaming the authorities or government or teachers or college or the country or arriving at any conclusion. All the facts and circumstances should always be kept in  mind before assessing as the result which will come before taking into account all the facts, the result will be diluted. They are not correct and will not display the truth. It will be partial. So with the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India done in1976, India is a ‘Secular’ nation. The meaning of a secular nation is that the country does not prioritize any one religion for the country and its people. They are free to adopt any religion and profess that and the State will not discriminate on the basis of that.

But the particular hijab ban which is happening in Karnataka is only in colleges and on the students. It nowhere bans hijab for the teachers and at any other place. The reason behind this is that a institution or colleges or schools have a particular dress code which should be followed by all the students attending it. Comparing with the turban which is wore by the Sikh community, it is very different because the turban is only on the head of the man which covers his hair whereas the hijab is a cloth which covers the whole face of the woman. They are not same and should not be put into the same category as the the visibility of the face is an important factor and should be kept in mind. They are complimentaries which is related to the religious sentiments but this fact is also true that they are different in its types. So, it is not same.

Coming to the fact that it takes the rights of the women, it is very important to notice that where the ban is taking place. The colleges never told women to not wear hijab anywhere and this is banned. The only thing which they asked was that it is is not allowed in the campus of the college and that is why they shouldn’t be wearing here. They are free to wear that outside the college where they will exercise no control. So, it is very safe to say that this ban comes under the dress code of the college and does not violate or infringes anybody’s right. It is like this and should be followed by all the students. Also, it is important to note that teachers are not mentioned in this ban. If they want, they can wear that.

Therefore, the arguments which is taking place on Secularism and the rights of the women, is wrong because the ban is merely based upon the rules and regulations of the college. It is not taking anybody’s right. Just asking for a certain pattern or code of conduct which should be followed by the students of the college.

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