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History and reforms made for woman labours

 History and reforms made for Woman labour

During the ancient times , family failed in making their both ends meet . So, even the woman and children of the family were made to work in factories.
The condition of the factories were not health friendly and it had adverse effect on the health on both woman and children .
The factori didn’t had good drinking water facility, proper light , zero sevage facility and extra working hours .
The pregnant woman started to give birth to deformed babies due to the expose of chemicals in the factory in which they use to work
There were no proper toilets for woman
The labours were highly exploited as they were given very less wages for the work they did.
India has always been the epitome of cheap labour .
Labours had to work extra time for get extra wages as they could not even make their both ends meet.
The high temperature and exposed machines hampered the health of the workers as they were not provided with any kind of protection or apparel to wear during the course of their work.
Section 22(2) of the Factories Act lays down that the woman labour are restricted to lubricate , clean or transfer any machinery when in motion as they can cause damage to their body
Section 66(1)(b) lays down the working hour of the woman as it should only be between 6am and 7 pm.
Maternity woman were directly fired from the job in case they asked for leave during her maternity.
But today, a pregnant woman has been given certain liberty during their work or job.They are allowed to take leave in the last two months or say 12 weeks of 9 months and also after their maternity for a period of time . They cannot be fired from their job position if they take leave during that period.
Proper sanitation and separate toilets should be build in for woman even if the strength of the working woman in the factory is less or one.
Proper and clean drinking water should be provided to the labours and workers.
A fixed wage or salary is set for the labours working . It varies from state to state ,rural and urban area.
Bonus is now a mandatory thing to be given to labours by the owners.
Owner of firm with more that 20 workforce , labour class are given bonus within 4 months of accounting year.
A new firm is given liberty to avoid bonus for 2 starting years or till they show profit in their P/L account but only for starting years.
Equal remuneration Act safeguard woman’s right,1976
Previously woman force were highly exploited , they were not given equal pay for equal work as they were woman. They use to do the same work and task that every male did but still there was a difference in the wage amount.
This act enforced , equal pay for qual work.
A man and woman should be paid equally if their work field in same in the factory.
In order to watch if the rules of the act is being followed or not , the employer is suppose to maintain a register for the salary , time ,name of the employees.They are suppose to write every minute detail of transaction happening related to the labour in the factory .
The labour officer of the district can anytime examine the register.

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