Tuesday, 31 May 2022

letter to CJ of Delhi High Court on public issue

                              Chief Justice of Delhi High Court

Respected sir, 

My name is Prashant Sharma, a public spirited citizen & law student, an intern at Lexus & Company, New Delhi. 

 My contention for writing this letter is to draw attention upon the serious water crisis issue in the JJ Colony, where people are poor & ignorant about rights in law. Since last 2 months, residents of JJ Colony were facing serious drinking water problem due to which people are suffering in term of health, hygiene, law & order. Earlier the government used to send water tank on daily basis. Water level has gone down and pump sets are prohibited by the government. 

the residents of JJ Colony, who are unable to get access proper drinking water resulted in the infringement of Right to life under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. In the case of Delhi Water Supply & Sewage V. State of Haryana (1996) & Chameli Singh V. State of U.P. (1996) Supreme Court of India held that right to access proper drinking water is a Fundamental Right. In the case of State of Orissa V. Govt. of India (2009) Supreme Court held that issue of water scarcity should be solved as early as possible, if required a committee of learned scientist shall be appointed to solve the water crisis issue. According to National water policy released in 2012 provided that there is only 4% of renewable water in India where 80% of world population resides, the government spend roughly around Rs 89000 Crore in the 12th five year plan during 2012-2017 to solve water crisis issue in the country. In the CAG report on National Rural Drinking water program where the government achieved only 44% of population get drinking water, 17% of the household get water supply through pipelines. According to survey there are 21 states ignorant about water crisis in their respective states & there is no water policy. In 2000, water & Sanitation advocacy group released its report on quantity & quality of drinking water where India ranked in least 10 countries in term of water availability. The average per capita water availability in 2001 is 1820 cubic metres, whereas in 2011 it dropped to 1545 cubic metres. According to prediction in the year 2025 average per capita water  availability will be reduced to 1341 cubic metres. As per the ministry of Jal Shakti report on annual water availability, average per capita water availability of less than 1700 cubic meters is considered as water stressed condition, in case of below 1000 per capita water supply annually considered as water scarcity condition.

I would like to suggest remedies to the resident of JJ Colony regarding water crisis issue, they can file writ petition under article 226 in the High Court & article 32 in the Supreme Court of India. 


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