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Maintenance laws for women in India

 The applicant may be granted maintenance in monetary terms or residency rights as per the statute invoked by her. After approaching the court and invoking relevant sections of law and demonstrating the facts of the case according to the statement of the law, the court can grant just and fair maintenance to the applicant.

When Can Maintenance Provisions Be Invoked?

Whenever a law governing maintenance is breached, a petition can be filed with a court of competent jurisdiction, and the petition will be decided on the merits of the case. For example, under section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code, if a husband refuses to maintain his wife, the wife may approach the Hon'ble Court for maintenance. In a Domestic Violence case, prima facie evidence of Domestic Violence is required to obtain maintenance for the wife. All cases are handled on their own merits within the parameters of the law, and the courts are fairly generous when it comes to giving maintenance.

Quantum of Maintenance:

The law that governs maintenance has been evolved by the Supreme Court. The 25% of the husband's wages are considered fair, appropriate, and reasonable by the courts in normal circumstances. However, it varies from case to case, depending on the circumstances in which the petitioner and respondent live and the status of the respondent.

Who Can Claim Maintenance Under Various Laws?

After the debates of the constituent assembly discussions and the coming into force of the Constitution of India, the jurisprudence of maintenance arose from the idea of Social Justice in India, which ensures India's commitment to Social Justice.

Here are a few examples:

Wife, children, and parents (Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code);

Senior Citizens Act; Parents; Senior Citizens Act;

Women (Domestic Violence Act);

Wife and kids (Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act).

How Can Maintenance Claimed?

Filing of the Petition


Interim relief (if any);

Petitioner?s evidence

Respondent?s evidence;




Importance of Mediation:

Although maintenance is still a legal process, we recognize that many people are visiting the court for the first time, and our goal must be to make the process simple for the litigants. We shall make every attempt to resolve maintenance matters amicably, even if the path of mediation is tough because marriage disagreements are human concerns, the best approach for addressing them is through mediation. We are certain that these disagreements can be professionally handled in chambers through the use of mediation. In its purest form, Mahatama Gandhi called it the VAKALAT.

Consult the Qualified Advocates for Legal Advice:

It is vital to acquire adequate legal assistance before initiating any legal action in matrimonial disputes. Early legal representation, according to the top matrimonial lawyers, has a long-term impact on matrimonial litigation outcomes. Expert lawyers conduct an in-depth examination of case-related documents, solicit input from clients, and engage in detailed discussions about various aspects of the matrimonial case when preparing a legal opinion in matrimonial cases.

All of these factors are combined and weighed against the most recent Supreme Court and High Court judgments when preparing a legal opinion in matrimonial cases. Clients typically do not pursue proper legal remedies, instead of seeking remedies that should not have been sought in the first place, according to the experience advocates. This approach clogs the justice delivery system by overloading Family Courts and Trial Courts.

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