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Dictionary meaning of ombudsman states - And official appointed to investigate individuals are complaints against a company or organisation, specially a public authority

Three keyboards hear 

1- is an official appointed to investigate

2 - investigate what? Individuals complain

3-Complain against whom ? complaint against the company or organisation say public authority

With British it is an another word for Parliamentary commissioner.

Origin of ombudsman happened in Swedish , They call ombudsman as legal representative, they are basically two types of ombudsman 

1-justice ombudsman 

2 - militile ombudsman

An justice ombudsman supervises all the judges government officials and civil servants, while military ombudsman observes or supervises the military affairs.

The word ombudsman is basically a Scandinavian word which means commissioner who has the duty of investing and reporting to Parliament on complaints from citizens against the government authorities .

Concept of ombudsman flourished in China during the Qin Dynesty (221 BC), in Finland during 1919, in Denmark during 1953, in New Zealand during 1962, in India via chief vigilance officer 1962, in Norway 1963, in England 1966 , in Australia’s 1976.
History of ombudsman in India

During 1960, the concept of a constitutional ombudsman was first proposed in Parliament by law minister Ashok Kumar Sen in the early 19.

During 1962 , M C setalvad then attorney general of India suggested for ombudsman at the all India lawyers conference with the idea to deal with corruption charge both and political and official level

During 1968 the first Jan lokpal Bill was proposed by Adv Shanti Bhusan . The Bill got passed in Lok Sabha but didn’t pass through in Rajya Sabha.

In 1971 The Bill got introduced again and failed.

Between the year 1960 age to 2013 the bill got introduced 10 times and failed.

In 2011 Anna Hazare‘s anticorruption movement made an impact.

Finally on 18 December 2013 the lokpal Bill was passed.

Basically a public relies on public servants for their safety and rights but when their rights are breached or safety or hampered if the public servant does not serve justice or perform their duty for the public, the public can remain disappointed. An ombudsman is an agent, officer, commissioner who works on the complaints received by the public against the public authorities in case public are not satisfied by the service a remedy provided by the public Authority.

Ombudsman who has the duty to investigate and report to the parliament on complaint of the citizens against the public Authority .

Administrative authority are the most required thing in the society, A state cannot be imagined without administrative authority it would be an utter chaos , ombudsman are not such an essential part if administrative authority are functioning according to requirement of the functions and procedures they need to follow.

When they fail in providing their service or lack in functioning or act unreasonable in their authority or when they’re taking wrong decisions or when their doing mistakes of law and fact or when they cannot sort out the questions of law or when they’re using the administrative discretion unfairly , Ombudsman comes into picture . Ombudsman receives the complaint from the public and investigates on it , it gives relief to the aggrieved party and report the matter to the legislature.

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