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Responsibilites and duties of an advocate

 Responsibility and Duty of an Advocate

An advocate firstly must respect its own profession and follow the ethics and principles laid down for them. They have certain responsibilities towards court, client, judges, senior advocates, country. While in court , they need to maintain the decorum of the court and as well as respect the honourable Judge .On the same hand, he/she has responsibilities towards it’s client viz. a lawyer must be a good listener, use layman’s language , maintain confidentiality , act in the best interests of it’s client and should inculcate quality of a good counsellor .

Lastly, it’s major responsibility is to seek justice for the people.
The tag of advocate carry’s certain responsibility and respect as they fight for the people and for their justice.So, a lawyer must conduct themselves in front of people in  such a way that they give full justice to the position they stand in.
A advocate must present itself before the honourable Judge and court in a dignified way and maintain their self-respect.
An advocate must conduct their case with professional language and not in regular language in which they communicate on daily basis. They need to use certain professional term before s to the judge.
A lawyer has to maintain a certain civil code of uniform , which is the gown , band , white shirt and black formal pants.
Also, the uniform should be given ample amount of respect as in the gown and band that advocates are suppose to wear with their uniform cannot be worn outside the court or in market place.
An advocate cannot speak to a judge in private about their case or even try to manipulate the case.
An advocate should respect the opposition counsel as well and not conspire against them in a illegal way.
An advocate should not also influence the client to take any illegal step towards its opposition  and even if the client itself is taking an illegal action towards the client , the advocate should make its 100% effort to prevent from such happening.
An advocate should avoid presenting the case before the bench if the member of the bench is related to him/she. As in Judge being father of the advocate and so on .
An advocate cannot plead in any matter he has financial interest in.For example-
He cannot represent the case of company which he/she is a director.
An advocate cannot deny his services to the client he/she agreed to serve until it gives the client a valid reason and notice beforehand.
An advocate cannot accept the brief if he himself is the witness of the case
The details given by the client to the advocate should not be revealed by the advocate in front of the court . It is the duty of the advocate to maintain confiditiality of the brief given by the client
An advocate cannot take his service charges on the basis of the victory of case.
The property or amount acquired after the winning of the case , the advocate should not claim percentage on that property.

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